Happy Birthday “Star Trek “

With the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek” finally here, guest host Crystal decided to write a little something about the influence of “Star Trek” in her life.  Check it out below!

Aww… look at the little Trekker.

When you were a kid and your family sat down to watch a television show together , what did you watch? Was it “Full House,” or maybe The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?” In my house it was “Star Trek,” usually “The Next Generation” (or TNG as it’s lovingly referred to by trekkers). We also watched the original series occasionally when we happened to find it. Eventually “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager” were added to the mix too. But TNG was what we watched nearly every night while eating dinner. It got to the point where I could identify some episodes by star-date alone. That series and those characters feel like family to me. I knew how my uncle Jean-Luc liked his tea and how my awkward cousin Data spent too much time with his cat. Their romances and struggles were more interesting to me than anything on “90210.” Which is why today, as trekkers celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series premier of the original “Star Trek,” I find myself feeling proud of my oddball TV ‘family’ and how far they’ve come.

When you think about it, there is a lot for “Star Trek” fans (whether they identify as trekkers, trekkies or just as fans). Five television series and a sixth set to premiere in January of 2017, thirteen feature films with a seventeenth in the works, and an animated series (yes that was a thing). But let’s not just examine quantity, in dollars or otherwise, let’s look at quality. The “Star Trek” franchise has 31 Emmy Awards and an Academy Award. The cultural impact of “Star Trek” is so vast that there are documentaries about it and it’s fans (some of whom really put the ‘fan’ back in ‘fanatic’). It’s truly epic, in the classical sense of the word and the modern colloquial usage. But none of these accomplishments, great though they may be, are why I am a trekker.

clappingIf I were going to write in “Star Trek’s” 50th birthday card I wouldn’t say ‘Nice awards pal!’ I would get sappy and say:

Friend, thanks for inspiring me. You have always helped be to be optimistic about the future, to see the potential for people to be great. Thanks encouraging me to be curious and brave. Thanks for having a sense of humor. I look forward the next 50 years!

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