How to raise a proud nerd

The other day when I was playing with the little one in our living room, I had an inkling that I was raising a proper little geek when she moved from playing with her lightsaber (with appropriate sounds) to reading books to playing with a calculator.  There are literally hundreds of articles online about how to raise a little nerdling but one article we enjoyed came from

Here’s a small excerpt:

There are a few things that we have tried to do to make sure that our son grows up being a proud nerd and fully embracing his every circuit-building whim:

1. We make a conscious effort to let him know that we, as his parents, definitely dabbled in the nerd world. Math was my jam. His dad sang in an acapella quartet. We did lots of nerdy things, and we still managed to find people who would date us.

2. We celebrate the fact that he is a nerd. We teach him that being cool does not mean that you have to be the star of a sports team. He is reluctantly athletic and would probably choose to stay home and make up math problems or design infrastructure instead of playing soccer.

3. We have taught him that nerds rule the world and that being a nerd is a huge responsibility. I’m looking at you Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking.

Read it all here.


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  1. Sheridan Johnson says:

    Love this!♡♡

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