Baby accessories that will make you the cool aunt or uncle

Parents might be good at buying the essentials but when it comes to getting cool things, they don’t necessarily hit the top of the list. No fret, for here is a list of things that will automatically make you the cool aunt/uncle.

This list come from The Daily Dot, so here’s a taste, along with one suggestion for the geeks here.

1) Star Wars Little Golden Book boxed set

Do little ones a favor and introduce them to this pop culture phenomenon while their brain is still developing and they can remember all the planet names.

Price: $24.99

2) Thor rattle

Nothing is more special than baby’s first Mjolnir.

Price: $15

3) Lord of the Rings teething set

Because everything in reach is a baby’s precious during the teething phase.

Price: $47.99

4) Marvel mobile

This can hang over an adult-sized bed too, right?

Price: $189.90

5) Periodic table baby blocks

If only someone had taught these to you when your brain was still an absorbent sponge.

Price: $34.95

You can read the rest of the list, which includes where you can buy the items, here.


Geek Erik is especially fond of the DC board books released by Downtown Bookworks, so he’s recommending the “DC Super Heroes Little Library” which features 10 Super Hero concept board books.

Price $49.99

Find out more about these books here.

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