Episode 43: Geeks v Hamilton Comic Con, Trek v Trump, Szpirs v the Machines

The season of horrors is upon us! Join Erik, Aaron, Szpirs, James, and Marty for a dive into the season of spookiness. In this week’s episode, James visits Hamilton Comic Con with his progeny in tow and shares his tips for convention-ing with kids. We talk our favourite Halloween movies, Rogue One merchandise, and a heaping helping of Trek vs. Trump. Get the episode here, on Stitcher or search us up on iTunes. 

…and here are the liner notes for this week’s ep! Let me know if I’ve missed anything (probable) and please to enjoy:

Red Letter Media: Mr. Plinkett reviews Star Wars: The Force Awakens – NSFW

Satirical, incisive, and expansive, this ONE HOUR AND FORTY FIVE review is a fun movie on its’ own. Plinkett’s terrifying asides are perfect for Halloween. Don’t forget to ask about the pizza pockets.

Indiana Jones: The Animated Fan Film Amazing Why Isn’t This A Thing…Thing.

Sometimes, fans just get it. Taken as proof of concept, this fan-made, animated title sequence makes an amazingly strong case for an Indy cartoon.

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