The Best Treehouse of Horror Segments

The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror episodes were always an enjoyable part of my Halloween experience when I was younger.  This year, I look to reinvigorate this tradition by re-watching some of my favourites from the past, culminating with a viewing of  Treehouse of Horror  XXVII on October 16th.  So here’s the rundown on my short list of favourite segments from Treehouse of Horrors past.

5. THoH – VI – Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace


A riff on Nightmare on Elm Street. Groundskeeper Willy plays the Freddy Kruger stand-in, as he terrorizes Bart and his friends in their dreams.  This quippy, horror one-liner murderthon was unfortunately dwarfed by the lack-luster, Homer3 (cubed) where Homer sat around in a three dimensional universe doing…nothing. Aye Carumba indeed!

4. THoH – I – The Raven


How often do you get James Earl Jones to do an abridged reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven? Once in a blue moon, if you’re lucky. I mean, he is the voice of CNN, Mufasa AND Darth Vader for crying out loud! It’s pretty awesome! Additionally, if you enjoy JEJ’s take on Poe, you really need to listen to Christopher Walken recite The Raven. Spoken word genius!

3. THoH – IV – The Devil and Homer Simpson


Homer vs. the Devil (as played by Ned Flanders) where Homer sells his soul for a donut. While I’d never sell my sould for a donut, I just might for a cup of that delicious St. Lucian coffee. Sweet, black, nectar of the gods! Great example of a Deus ex Machina at work in this episode to boot!

2. THoH – IV – Terror at 5 1/2 Feet


Bart has a premonition of his fiery death the night before school. The next day. enroute to school, Bart spies a gremlin on the side of Otto’s bus, as it begins to dismantle the entire vehicle. Of course no one believes him, as Bart ends up lashed to the seats next to Uter and his questionable choice of German candy made with Iodine. BTW, what ever happened to Uter?

1 THoH-III: Dial Z for Zombie


Zombies. Nuff said. Also, “Show’s over Shakepeare!” Gold! I wonder if the zombie Uter will return?

So what are some of your favourite Treehouse of Horror segments? Am I right that these are the best? Are there others I may have missed? What do you think THoH XXVII will have to offer? Do tell! I look forward to the discussion!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bryan F says:

    I am a huge fan of the “King Homer” segment from THoH III. Wonderful references, Mr Burns in top form and just jam packed with laughs.


  2. Nice post, brings back memories. Maybe a countdown of the best THoH opening segments?


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