Throwback Thursday: Monster Squad

Back in August of 1987 (A long time ago in a…yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m old) …I fell in love with this movie.  Monster Squad, helmed by Fred Dekker (writer and director of Night of the Creeps) helmed this fun, horror/comedy for kids (written by Shane Black, yup that Shane Black) that featured the Universal monsters facing off against a team of spunky teenagers, hell-bent on ensuring these monsters do not take over the world.

I excluded this movie from my list of scary films for kids because it is one for an older audience.  Thinking about it now, there is some colorful language , violence and other mature content that would raise a lot of questions your pre-pre-teen youngster might ask while viewing.  In fact, it could open up a lot of discussion….why you shouldn’t bully people, why some language is never acceptable,  why the old man has a number tattooed on his wrist, why it’s not okay to take pictures of people without their permission.  Those kinds of questions.  Not a bad thing…Just be prepared.

None the less, being a 30 year old movie, it is still a lot of fun. Count Dracula is the lead villain of the flick.  Along for the ride are the Wolfman, the Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and friendly version of Frankenstein’s Monster. They’re not too scary, but there is some violence to watch out for.  The dialogue between the kids is amazing; it felt honest and real.  I mean, seriously, does the Wolfman have nards?  It’s stuff like this that makes me think Kevin Smith stole some of the dialogue for Mallrats.  The action is pretty good, and the story  is easy to follow.  Don’t go into this expecting Gone with the Wind.  It’s a teen, popcorn flick for those who love monsters, and for those who feel like the underdog when the whole world is against you.  It’s charming and cheesy film, with a capital c.  It’s peppered with fun one-liners, and a little bit of heart too.

If you liked the Goonies, give this one a try.  You won’t be disappointed.  Not like a kick to the crotch or anything.  Nailed it!

PS – Also check out Night of the Creeps!  If you liked Slither, you’ll like it too.  Cheers!



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