The Best Horror Video Games of All Time

I love a good horror movie.  However, I think I really enjoy diving headlong into a good horror game title every once in a while, when time permits.  Here is a list of some of the best horror video games I have ever played.

1. Resident Evil 4

This, so far is the best in the long running series.  I do have high hopes for RE7 though.  RE4 though = Jump scares!  Lots of action!  And some pretty terrifying moments.  The first time those chainsaw ladies come at you, I guarantee you’ll have to go change your undies.  Wait!  You don’t have time to do that!  This ain’t a cut scene!  Press A! PRESS A!  If you can find MC Cris’ take on Resident Evil 4 vs. Kingdom Hearts, do it.

2. Silent Hill

How do you make a Resident Evil style of game even more scary? Remove numerous atmospheric elements, and let the tension build! That’s how!

3. Alone in the Dark

The graphics don’t hold up so much any more, but back in the day, this game was a great combination of puzzles and atmosphere.  The Poe/Lovecraftian setting and monsters kept me coming back for more.

4. Sanitorium

Ever wonder what a Sierra style adventure/psychological thriller game set in an insane asylum would look like?  Here you go.  A satisfying story with some depth that plays out at an even pace.

5. Blood

Mix 25% Duke Nukem, 75% Evil Dead and you get Blood!  A slasher-esque FPS where you play an undead cowboy looking to avenge your death at the hands of your best friends.  It even has severed hands that run after you and say “I’ll swallow your soul!”  The tip of the hat settings to some well know horror movie locales can be found within, and it included some great on-line modes of play. LAN-tastic!

Any other horror game you fondly remember?  Let us know your opinion!  Cheers!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. RE4 was really good. Super engrossing. Nice choice.


  2. I’ve got high hopes for RE7. Maybe I shouldn’t since 5 and 6 were horrible!


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