To absent friends: Characters who sacrificed themselves for the greater good.

The Walking Dead season 7 premiered last night.  Don’t worry, no spoilers here, except that yes, people died.  Got me to thinking about all those times I watched a TV show or movie where a lead character met their end and how it affected me.  Here’s a look back at some character death’s that moved me.  There may be some long time coming spoilers here, so be warned.

1. Wash – Serenity (Film)

Joss Whedon caught me off guard with this one.  I should have been prepared, knowing this how he does things like this.  However, if you have to go, this is the way to do it.  Save the day, take the spear.

2. Dino-Bot – Beast Wars (TV Series)

I was a little older for this show when it came out.  Nonetheless, I was moved at such a gutsy plot point, where Dino-Bot sacrifices himself for the greater good.  Dang you bots!  Why is my face leaking!

3. Paul Ballard – Dollhouse (TV Series)

Another Joss “Gotcha!” Moment.  Paul Ballard had quite the arc in this short lived series.  Always one step behind the mystery.  Then, when he’s finally on the inside, he loses not only his memories, but his life in the last stand of the series.  Well played, Joss.

4. Optimus Prime – Transformers: The Movie

Did not see this coming when I was an 11 year old kid.  Especially when Transformers, the TV show, very rarely, if at all, ever touched on the fact that the Transformers could die.  Then to see the biggest hero of them all go down facing Megatron, man that got me in the feels.  I didn’t know what was up or down and that point.  Still gets me to this day as such a ballsy move.

Who were some of your most surprising character deaths that have stayed with you over the years?  Let us know!  Bye!

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