Favourite Horror Theme Music

A good horror movie or TV show doesn’t always require gory scenes and violence to hold my attention.  What they do need is a great score and solid music to set the tone and the atmosphere. Here are my top picks for best music in the horror genre.

1. The theme from Jaws – John Williams

Simple and SOOOOOOOOO suspenseful all at once!  Not sure if it is sharks or string instruments that scare me the most.

2. Halloween Theme – John Carpenter

What is it about these pieces of music that appear to be so simple and yet so terrifying? Also, so good! John Carpenter FTW!!!

3. Blood Theme – Daniel Licht

While the opening theme to the TV show Dexter is light and whimsical, it is the track to the closing credits called “Blood Theme” that reminds you that you just rooted for a serial killer for over an hour.  Guess you’re just as evil as Dexter.

PS – This should have been my nominee for worst series finale ever!

4. Down with the Sickness – Richard Cheese

I’m a sucker for covers.  Especially lounge covers of rage-fueled, hate-metal /thrasher songs used to undercut the tension in a modern reboot of Dawn of the Dead. Every time I hear a piano now, all I think about is zombies.  Silly, silly zombies! Don’t forget to tip your servers. I’m here all week! Goodnight!

5. Pork Chop Express – John Carpenter

While not technically a horror movie, John Carpenter’s intro to one of the greatest blowhards in movie history is perfectly matched up with this little ditty. Which blowhard? Jack Burton! And before you ask who’s that, you need to put your hoagie down, go find a VCR and plug yourself in to Big Trouble in Little China … that is if you can take it! And you must have paid your dues before hand as well.  Jack Burton for President!

So what are some of your favourite horror themes? Let us know! Bye!

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