Halloween Inspired Music Playlist

Looking for some tunes to play for your kiddos in an effort to get them to dance off their seemingly unending sugar high? Need some music to blast for the neighbours when they come knocking for free candy next week?  Here’s a fun, little playlist of Halloween inspired songs that are sure to please.  Have fun!

1.  The Monster Mash

Silly, easy and still tons of fun to start the playlist off with.  It’s like starting a Monday playlist with Katrina and the Waves.

2. Thriller

My sister tried to terrify me with this video when I was a kid.  Little did she know, it would begin my life long love of everything zombie.

3. If I were a Zombie

A fun zombie love song.  Stephanie Mabey has an acoustic version out her song that’s equally charming.

4. Ghostbusters

“Who you gonna call?” The best Ghostbusters song out of all the movies.  The one and only RPJ!  That’s who!

5. Zombie Love Song

Another entry into the Zombie-Love-Song genre.  Equally cute with some edge to it.  Who knew zombies would be an awesome metaphor for love?

6. Zombie Me


7. The Addams Family Theme Song

The song that taught me how to snap!

8. Re: Your Brains

My fave of the zombie tunes on this list.  Seriously? Locked in a mall.  You’re doomed!  If the zombies don’t get you, you can bet Tom Savini is gonna ride in on a Harley and take your cheese!  Also, if you ever worked in an office, you totally know where this song is coming from.  Hands off my Swingline.  That stapler is going to be the difference between surviving and eating gray matter.

Do you have any other favourite Halloween songs?  Let us know!  See ya!

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