Top 8 (almost) Tuesday: Superheroes Punching Nazis

Hey Geeks,

Well, I don’t know about you, but the last week has featured some pretty disgusting politics. So, I’m going to work it out a bit by studying how the creators of the past dealt with the supremacists and fascists of their times. Enjoy.


Yessir, that is Raphael, the maddest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle punching Hitler. Coming from the Archie Comics published Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures book (issue 64), this sequence was part of a time-travel story that, somehow turns the turtles into Cyber-Samurai – probably so they could hit Hitler even harder.

2. Hellboy (in Savage Dragon)


Savage Dragon 34-35 featured a crossover between Erik Larson’s eponymous green super-cop and Mike Mignola’s demonic, red monster hunter. In a flashback, Hellboy earns some super-cred by beating up Hitler IN A MECH SUIT. Not only that, but Big Red punches him so hard, his head comes clean off. Now, THAT’S history you can get behind.

3. Human Torch and the Submariner


Before Marvel was Marvel (it went by Timely comics back then…), their two marquee characters were an android that could set itself on fire – and his circus-orphan sidekick- and a temperamental water elf. I kid you not, this duo was the Human Torch and the Submariner. Although Namor would make the jump to the modern MU basically unscathed, the Torch went through a major revision. Even though the android version, Jim Hammond, shows up from time to time, he’s not the baller he used to be. In any case, these two show us all the proper way to “engage” with white supremacists.

4.  God


When the Almighty Himself is against you, you done messed up. I have no idea where this comic came from or who created it but…well, it’s too awesome to ignore. Seriously, if you know anything about this, leave us a comment.

5. Blue Beetle

blue beetle.jpg

The original Blue Beetle was a cop turned costumed vigilante (no powers) then a super hero with vitamin enhanced strength and high-tech gadgets. He premiered in 1939 and shortly thereafter, got to kicking Nazi tail.

6. Captain America


‘Nuff Said.

7. Catman


This version of the character, although not the DC one you might know, clearly knows how to get the job done. An obvious Batman rip off (right down to the circus performer sidekick), you still can’t deny the composition on this page.

8. Batman


Battlin’ Bruce has some good advice on dealing with Nazis too. Observe how he clearly instructs his protege in a step-by-step method. Even in the 1940’s, he was already the gorram Batman.

Well, I feel better. How about you, Geeks? Comment below and share your favorite super-hero/Nazi knockdown. – Szpirs

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