LEGO Batman or How Billy Dee Williams got his voice back!

Guess who got the raw end of the deal (or face) in the back in the day Batman franchise? Billy Dee, that’s who!  

When Joel Schumacher decided to bring back Harvey Dent for a turn in Batman Forgettable  Forever, he went with Tommy Lee Jones instead of of Billy Dee Williams!  Ok, TLJ was a hot property back then with his outhouse, hen-house, “I don’t care!” swagger, but Billy Dee, Mr. Colt 45 and his smooth as glass voice, he was all that and a bag of burnt chips!  Man that voice truly belongs with us in the clou…wait…what was I.  Oh yeah! Cut to 2016 and Billy Dee gets his shot once more as Harvey Dent!

That’s right!  The news yesterday was that good old Billy Dee is going to be voicing Two-Face in next year’s The Lego Batman Movie.  Bout time!  That makes me more excited to see this.  So go spread the good word and remember to tell them Billy Dee sent you! Wait.  Is that even something Billy Dee says?  I thought it was. Doesn’t matter!  It still sounds awesome when you listen to it in your imagination!  Yeah, in the clouds indeed!  Cheers!

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