VOTD: Place your Bets! Wonder Woman vs Wolverine – Super Power Beat Down

Place your bets, Geeks! ICYMI, this week’s Super Power Beat Down is a tour de force performance with Wonder Woman vs Wolverine.

This more-or-less quarterly web series lines up two popular characters – often from Marvel or DC Comics but not always – and polls fans on who would win. Based on the poll, they script and film the battle. This throwdown between the amazing Amazon and ol’ Canucklehead has some tight choreography, just-shy-of feature quality costumes and effects, and characterisation that is pure fan-service goodness.

This is probably as close as we’ll ever come to seeing the Jim Lee era X-men come to life – their Cyclops is particularly good – and it’s cool to see so much time devoted to setting up the fight…even if it is a little one-sided. Put up your dukes, Geeks. Do you think SPBD got it right?

Well, whaddya think, bub? On the one hand, Wolverine’s healing factor is ludicrously fast and lets him get in some stunning sneak-attacks…plus adamantium is meant to cut ANYTHING…including magic arms and armour.

On the other, Wonder Woman is practically on-par with the Hulk for strength and Quicksilver for speed…neither of which Logan has a real counter for…AND they’re about equal in terms of combat training and experience.

Leave a comment with what you thought of the fight. Did they get it right?

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