Klingons Cast for Discovery

More and more casting details for Star Trek: Discovery keep coming.  It was announced that the new additions to the growing ensemble are set to play Klingons!

According to CBS’s website, Shazad Latif, Chris Obi and Mary Chieffo, will be portraying a trio of Klingons.  Obi will take the lead as T’Kuvma, a principal Klingon leader looking to unite the houses.  Latif will be Obi’s protege Kol, and Chieffo will play battledeck commander, L’Rell.

I like how this Star Trek series is putting the focus on several strong women in leadership roles.  Especially what could be a battle hardened Klingon female.  Badass, with a capital Bat’leth!

I just want to know, since the new show is set before the Original Series, will these Klingons have ridges, or will they not have ridges? Hey, Worf!  Do you think they’ll have ridges?

Nuff said.  That was pretty profound…We’ll wait and see I guess…and never speak of the ridge thing again…Now, if you will excuse me, my prune juice is calling.

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