Christmas Movie Favourites: Die Hard

It’s that time of year when we curl up by the fire, grab a warm drink, and flip on the TV to watch some Christmas movie favourites that make us feel all so warm and fuzzy inside.  So here are some things to get you geared up for the greatest holiday movie of all time: Die Hard!

Hang this ornament on the tree!  Hopefully Hans won’t notice.

Ugly Christmas sweaters step aside for this cozy number!

Don’t forget to put on some RUN-DMC to set the mood!

Here are some post viewing Die Hard videos to keep the yuletide glow rolling.  First, watch this video in case you are one of the few who ever wondered how much money good old John is going to have to shell out to fix that dry wall he plowed through.

One last post video to check out, especially for those of you who wondered why the security guard made John go through the hoops of looking up his wife’s location in the computer, when all along he knew the only people left in the building were on the 30th floor…! Yeah, I know.  I’ll still love you, Die Hard.  Yipee Ka…wait…no.  Gotta keep it clean.  Merry Christmas you filthy animal…?

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