Marines on a mission in “Alien: Covenant” **Updated

A new photo of space marines from “Alien: Covenant” was released today through the Alien Anthology Twitter account with a ever-so-descriptive text 220512052104.


Fans have already started speculating what they numbers could mean, hopefully it has something to do with the trailer that was screened for press recently but has yet to hit the light of day for us mere mortals.

Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” is set for release May 19.


The Alien Anthology Twitter account has released another image, this one looks like the cryo chambers that they would use in deep sleep – this picture is labelled with 130112062104.  Rumour has it these descriptions are actually the amount of seconds until the trailer drops. 130112062104 would make it about 1.5 days until something happens.



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