Christmas Movie Favourites: A Christmas Story

Now that you’re all jacked up on Die Hard adrenaline, it’s time to kick back with some rootin’, tootin’, shootin’-your-eye out nostalgia from the 80’s as you watch this Christmas film set in the 40’s.  That’s right, it’s time to watch A Christmas Story!

Before settling in, suit up and get cozy in Ralphie’s pink nightmare bunny suit.  Available through Amazon.  Get Prime for two day shipping so you can traumatize your loved ones in time for Christmas!

Turn your leg lamp down low.  This major award comes straight from Italy…er…Amazon.  Go but it now!  Also, if Amazon wants to sponsor a podcast…Then when you are done watching the movie, check out these links below.  One is a tour of the actual house in Cleveland where the film was partially shot.  The other is the actual radio version of the short story that A Christmas Story is based on, read by Jean Shepherd himself.  Merry Christmas!

A Christmas Story House with Leg Lamp Shining



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