Magic Monday: Viva la Revolt-lution!

Wow, Geeks, it seems like just yesterday we were freaking out about this new Kaladesh set…now its’ follow-up is about to hit! Make way for Aether Revolt! This expansion arrives on January 20 and continues the story where Kaladesh leaves off while expanding the steampunk-inspired setting with new artifacts, new artificers, and new mechanics! Geek out with Szpirs as Stew breaks down 11 brand-new preview cards from Aether Revolt!

Stew: There looks to be a great deal of hilarity coming in the upcoming set for MTG. Let’s look at the first 11 preview cards (in no particular order) to give us a feel of the new set and some of the new mechanics in it.
Szpirs: I will blast Rage Against the Machine and nod as if I understand.

#11) Yahenni’s Expertise

yahennis expertise.png
Right off the bat, AMAZEBALLS. This card isn’t seeing enough press. For 2 black and 2 colourless mana, you inflict -3/-3 to every creature in play and get a free spell of a 3 mana or less… Like, that’s just more bang for your buck.
You will see this in standard play as it’s decent removal. As for Commander/EDH, it will see some play. -3/-3 doesn’t always wipe out all the threats on the board for EDH but it will help.

#10) Tezzeret, Master of Metal

tezzeret master of metal.png
So pretty, must have the foils! Awesome card…a little pricey to cast but the abilities will be devastating. Stealing artifacts is always a personal joy when I play EDH so I will be playing this when it’s available to me. As for outside of Commander, the cost for the planeswalker is very high so I am not sure where we will see this played. I like it, though.

9#) Scrap Trawler

This nice, little artifact creature allows you to bring back a discarded friend from the grave. 3/2 for 3 with a LTB (Leaving the Battlefield) effect is not half bad at all. For those who lose their Sol Ring to players who are just jerks, you can now retrieve it easily and smash them in the face while doing it.
Szpirs: Seems like this will fit well into artifact/graveyard decks like the 2014 Daretti Commander pre-con. Cards that let you sacrifice one artifact to retrieve another will get two artifacts for the price of one.

#8) Heart of Kiran

Stew: I wasn’t a big fan of the vehicle mechanic but this one’s a nice surprise: Really cheap (2 colourless), 4/4 – okay not to bad, flying – alright, that’s something good, Vigilance – okay, why not, use a loyalty counter from a planeswalker to crew this bastard…BOOM! this becomes interesting. I don’t know where this will be played most but I know it will be played somewhere (most likely by me).

#7) Ajani, Valiant Protector

Another expensive planeswalker but with some really good effects. +2 loyalty to give +1/+1 counters TWICE? Not too shabby… and a +1 loyalty to draw a creature off the top? Gold. -11 for x counters on 1 creature and it gains trample until EOT (End of Turn) makes for a nice swing to the face.
Szpirs: The kind of swing that wins the game?
Stew: With White/Green’s habit of life-gain? Seems likely.

#6) Tezzeret the Schemer

tezzeret schemer.png
It makes BOP’s (Bird of Paradise), kills stuff, or makes it really powerful, AND brings artifacts to life… What’s not to like?!? It’s also only 4 mana to cast which makes for a nice mana curve.

#5) Oath of Ajani

oath of ajani.png
I see little to no downside to this card other then it’s legendary. +1/+1 to all creatures on ETB trigger and planeswalkers cost 1 less to cast. outside of commander you won’t see this played a lot… maybe some white/green tribal legacy thing… maybe.
Szpirs: Maybe you could find a way to bounce it back to your hand? I know there are cards for that in Legacy and Vintage…
Stew: Maybe. You’d probably have to splash Blue, though.

#4) Dark Intimations

First off, I like it. It seems silly enough for me to play. Everyone looses but you! This will see play in commander for sure.

#3) Quicksmith Rebel

…and let your infinite combos begin! Bring Smithy here onto the battlefield enough times and every artifact you control has “tap to deal 2 damage to player or creature”… Hmmm Metal worker+ Staff of domination + this = machine gun. Easily killed or removed, for sure, but funny none the less. This will see play in Commander (by me at least) but for other formats it’s not half bad.

#2) Battle at the Bridge

battle at the bridge.jpeg
I like this one XB with improvise to tap artifacts to help with casting. When you really need to get rid of that Indestructible creature, -1/-1’s work the second best (best will always be Swords to Plowshares). It would have been nice at instant speed but sorcery will have to do. You will see this played in EDH for sure.

#1) Disallow

As I said, this was in no particular order but Disallow is pretty darn good. It’s pretty cheap for what it can do; choose between countering a spell, activated ability, or a trigger. It’s some weird hybrid of a counterspell and stifle in one. This will see play from Vintage to Commander and will land everywhere in between.
Next week we will be working on the rest of the previews as we head towards the release date.
Protip – Take your muligans! If you have 1 land in hand and no search or land retrieval, IT’S A BAD HAND…sure, there are drawbacks – draw fewer cards for a scry 1 – but you have a better chance of getting a decent starting hand even if you’re down 1 card.
do it.gif
Whaddya think, Geeks? What’s got you up in arms for Aether Revolt?

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  1. Mike Taylor says:

    I look forward to having my triggered abilities countered now as well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. szpirsactual says:

      It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind since Squelch in the Kamigawa Block…But I don’t run a lot of blue these days so I figure if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. – Szpirs


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