Magic…Friday: Stew’s Prerelease Survival Guide – Aehter Revolt Edition

The Subject: Magic: the Gathering. The Set: Aether Revolt. The time: tonight at midnight!


Oh wait, here at Geeks with Kids we will give you the tips and tricks on how to navigate through your first, second, or 100th prerelease!

Prereleases are a great way to start out in magic especially if you are looking to build your

collection or you want to better understand the game. When you show up to your Local Comic Shop, go early! Most prerelease events cost about $40 CND, so bring cash. There are going to be cut offs this year as product didn’t make it out to each store like it usually does…and by “product” we’re including prerelease boxes – the kit given to each player at a prerelease tournament.


  • Prerelease deckbox
  • 2 packs of Kaladesh
  • 4 packs of Aether Revolt
  • 1 spindown counter
  • a puzzle (this last one I have no idea why they do it… it’s rather a waste of paper)

So this is all you get to make a 40 card deck (LCS’s supply lands for you or you can bring your own).

Things you should have with you for ANY event:

  1. 1. Your own deckbox, personally I like a 200 card count box keeps everything in 1 place and isn’t to bad to open.
  2. Dice. You will need dice for your life, counters, everything. PLEASE BRING THEM!
  3. Basic Lands. I don’t want to share lands with someone I don’t know and put those lands into my nice clean sleeves… bring your own! 15 of each land type so you always have enough mana for each colour)
  4. Deck Protectors/Sleeves: now this isn’t a must, but I like to have sleeves. I like playing in sleeves as it keeps the cards clean and safe. Accidents happen, especially with 30 people in a room made for 15 with their pop and chips and pizza etc. Just be aware.
  5. Your trades binder: This is a great time to be trading cards. Loads of people will come from out of town to do these events and they might have that foil Metalworker you were trying to get.

listen up.gif

Now, one thing to make 100% clear DO NOT TRADE YOUR AETHER REVOLT CARDS… until the tournament is done. What you open is what you play with for the event, nothing else will be allowed and you will be removed from your store if you’re found to be swapping cards around with other players.

Steps 1-5 done, cards in hand, the LCS operator has given you the signal to open… What am I doing?!

This part gets tricky for new players. Open your packs, and build your deck…

Things to look for while building:

  • What colours am I really strong in
  • Do I have any bombshell cards I should use in any deck I make (most likely artifacts this time around…)
  • Casting Cost… This gets tricky; you want a quick deck to beat your opponents quickly but you also need a “Fatty” (Big Creature) to even out the playing field or, better yet, a wipe mechanic (Wrath of God type effect)
  • The Bear. That’s right.


Bears in magic are great. They aren’t actually bears, but more what it represents: a 2/2 (or 2/1) creature for about 2 mana or less i.e. Savannah Lions, Grizzly Bears, even Eternal Witness counts as they are cheap creatures that hit decently and put your opponent on the clock; 1 damage per turn will take you 20 turns, 2 damage a turn will take 10 turns to win.

A few other tips and tricks for prerelease events:

1. 4 copies of 1 card rule doesn’t apply, if you get 6 of 1 card you can play all 6 copies of it.

2. Inventions are legal (WHEEE! though I still need to pull one from a pack)

3. Don’t be afraid to use cards that you usually wouldn”t. Remember these aren’t tier 1 Vintage or Legacy decks; this is whatever-you-have-just-opened.

4. Read the dang spoiler! It’s up on Wizards’ site right now!

5. Review these GwK articles. Stew made them with love (Szpirs added the spite and sarcasm….and Batman gifs…).

6. Have fun!

Best of luck out there, Geeks. Let us know how your prerelease went in the comments!

Main article: Stew

Edits and Media: Szpirs 

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