Bad Move Nintendo: Free game download for Switch’s online service lasts only a month

In some rather bad news on the Nintendo Switch front, the “free game” download offered as part of the Nintendo Switch’s paid online service lasts only a month.  That means you lose access to that game after the month.

Speaking with Wired, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime explained the situation:

Nintendo’s online service for Switch will charge a monthly fee and one of the incentives is one free classic game “per month.” Does that mean you lose access to that game after a month?

Reggie Fils-Aime: Correct. It means that essentially you’ve got access to that game for a period of time, and then after the month there’s a new selection. You’ll have the opportunity to buy it, but [after] that month we’ve moved on to another game.

Now that is unfortunate news especially since the online services for Xbox and Playstation – Xbox Live and Playstation Network Plus – allows you to keep the free games offered each month. As well, if you lapse in your subscription and then come back to it later, your free games are still associated with your account.

Add that with the ridiculous pricing scheme for the Switch’s accessories?

Bad move Nintendo.  Bad move.

Read the full interview over at Wired.

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