Magic Thursday: Getting into MtG

Szpirs: Stewwwwwwww! We should troll Erik with an article about getting into Magic.

Stew: Sure; sounds like fun.



Szpirs: Was it you or Mark who posted those new starter decks? The ones themed to the Planeswalkers in the Gatewatch? What do you think of those?


Stew: I usually care little for those decks but they are worthwhile for starting. A friend at work got the red one and we play against each other with it now.

Szpirs: So is the idea that someone could grab one of these decks and jump into a modern game?

Stew: Modern, Standard, Legacy, or Vintage. This deck is legal in almost all formats

Szpirs: Do they include the rules of play?

Stew: Yes, they do. It comes with a starter instruction pamphlet.

Szpirs: I started in Revised Edition, I think…It came with a tiny, card sized booklet that laid out the rules…Almost nothing about setting…When did you start?revised-starter

Stew: Unlimited Edition. I was a kid and didn’t know a lot about the game so I didn’t really get into it at first. Later on I started buying again in high school and I’ve been addicted since. I sold off my collection a few years back which I’m working on restoring now.

Szpirs: What was your dumbest rookie mistake that first time around? Mine was trying to play with the 80 card starter…Had no idea that I was supposed to separate it by colour.

Stew: LOL. I tried my hand at trading off the bat I lost a Vesuvan Doppelganger and a Volcanic Island.

Szpirs: Daaaaaaamn.


Stew: Yep. It’s okay; I learned quickly. My second big mistake was cheating at our LCS and not knowing it. I read the rules and made 40 card decks for type 1/Standard. I didn’t realise 40 card decks were for releases and drafts, not constructed formats.

Szpirs: Could a new player make the same mistake today?

Stew: It’s less likely now that Legacy and Vintage aren’t played as much anymore at our LCS. If you come to EDH/Commander and we see a second Rafiqu, we would notice very quickly.

Szpirs: Have you tried any of the online stuff for beginners? Any good?

Stew: For a veteran, the online game takes some getting used to. It can be pretty frustrating. Beginners might get a taste of the complexities but but won’t fully grasp them in the online play. I didn’t try the Duel Masters one. I heard that was okay.

Szpirs: Do the beginner decks ease you into it a bit? It sounds like the best way is still to have someone show you and/or play with a more experienced friend.

Stew: I believe that’s to be the best way to learn. That’s not to say video tutorials and the like won’t help but you have to play to learn…and there is a great deal to learn.

Szpirs: Video tutorials? Hey, we should make one of those!



How about it, Geeks? What would you like to see in a GwK Magic video? Let us know in the comments, by email, or on Facebook/Twitter/etc.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lando Mark says:

    Read your cards Stew…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. szpirsactual says:

      First and foremost rule of the game. – Szpirs


      1. Mike Taylor says:

        What I’d like to see is something on drafting strategy.
        I’m kind of getting the hang of building constructed decks but every time I play a draft format I feel like I’m floundering around randomly.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. szpirsactual says:

        Your wish is Stew’s command. – Szpirs


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