ICYMI: Tomb Raider vs Uncharter – The Movie?

ScrewAttack’s marquee YouTube show, Death Battle is back this week with a meaner, louder, explodier new season…and they’re getting things started with a match up that’s near and dear to our hearts…Laura Croft, Tomb Raider versus Nathan Drake of Uncharted. Archaeology hasn’t been this awesome since Harrison Ford put on his whip and fedora, so buckle up for a white knuckle throw-down between the modern age’s premier treasure hunters.

Whaddya think ,Geeks? I’m down with the update to the show’s logo and graphics. The motion-capture and textures a bit weak but I’m willing to forgive it as the action tends towards being well-choreographed. My big question is how well these actors got the characters of Drake and Croft. I’m not a huge fan of either franchise so it’s hard for me to tell. I feel like the abilities and powers of both characters were well represented, but I’m not sure about their personalities.

What say you? Spot on depictions or did this one need a rewrite? Drop a comment or hit us up on FB or Twitter.

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