Silent Bob Schools StoryBots!

What’s a StoryBot? How does one school it? Silent Bob can talk? I am as surprised as you are, Geeks….except for the Silent Bob talking part; we’re all huge fans of Kevin Smith’s work (Jersey Girl was a pretty good movie. Admit it). So, imagine my surprise as my kids are sitting down to watch some shows on Netflix, when the Podfather himself shows up…with nary a cuss nor genital joke to be found. 

StoryBots have been around for quite a while as an educational YouTube show and apps from Jib Jab. The tone is somewhere between Yo Gabba Gabba and Bill Nye: The Science Guy – highly referential, good music, and guests that are relevant to adults while entertaining the kids. It’s one of those learning shows that, so far, hasn’t become pandering or annoying…and my kids actually enjoy watching it, which is, in the end, the only relevant test.

Check out Kev on Ask the StoryBots – Season 1, Episode 2 – Why Do Airplanes Fly?. He really does a great job explaining his science piece (which is, appropriately, connected to making movies) and does some winking-at-the-audience bits with his signature style. I honestly reccomend it if you have wee Geeks at home.

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