Magic Mondays: Magic Family Day

Hey Geeks. Up here in the Great White North, we have a totally purposeless holiday in February called Family Day. So, while hanging out with our nearest and dearest today, I posed a question to our resident MTG players: what’s your favourite Magic family – be it a series of creatures that are related, a tribal type, a cycle of cards, or what-have-you. Leave us a comment with yours and be prepared to be revolted/intrigued at ours. 

Szpirs: So, it’s Family Day.

Devon: Yup. We’re taking our daughter to her first theatre movie. Seeing Lego Batman.

Mark: Doing some work and pricing out baby-safe renos.

Szpirs: Kinda exciting and definitely family related.

Mark: Very true!

Tayls: Beers and video games.

Szpirs: win.gif

Szpirs: So, I was thinking – in honour of Family Day – we should go around and talk about our favourite MTG family. You guys have favourite creature type, card cycle, or characters?

Mark: You mean like tribe (elves, goblins, etc.), cards that have a version in each colour like the Pulses in Mirroden block, or like Planeswalkers?

Szpirs: Yeah, basically.

Devon: Tough question. Zombies or vampires would be my favourite tribe…Undead, I guess. I do have the black mana symbol on my arm so I’ll go with my necromancers’ love of the undead. Liliana’s my favourite character. For cycle, I’m not sure… Elder Dragons maybe.



Mark: My tribe is angels. Character: Akroma or Avacyn. Cycle would be warchiefs or moxes… possibly the Kamigawa dragons…

kamigawa dragons.png

Szpirs: Whuuuuuut?

Szpirs: Kamigawa? You mocked that %*@! mercilessly when it was new.

Mark: No I didn’t. I thought Kamigawa block was fun. Bushido was a neat mechanic and I had a banging R/W Samurai deck.

Szpirs: Maybe that was just the Ninja type I’m thinking of…

Mark:  Probably. I thought the ninja mechanic only worked on a couple cards. Most of them were kinda balls.

Szpirs: So, what’s your pick overall?

Mark: I think all in all I go for feel; I like a mechanic that matches up with the feel of the cards – like Rakdos guild mechanics from Ravnica. They always feel chaotic and frenetic much like the BR combo guild that they are. I find all of the different Guilds to be interesting. They all have mechanics that function both on an MtG colour basis but also really suit the feel of the guild.

Tayls: I’d have to go with the Rakdos guild myself. Black/Red demon-worshipping cult…fast and mean in play.

Szpirs:  Is your pick on the basis of style, function, or fiction?

Tayls: Function. I’ve never really paid much attention to the fiction until more recently.

Szpirs: Their deal is pain for gain? Using your life points as a resource?

Tayls: I enjoy the reckless leap-before-you-look vibe. It makes for a high tempo game… and I appreciate not having to try to psychoanalyse what my opponent might be trying to do.

Szpirs: Ravnica was great at matching up mechanics with tone…a perfect bonding of fiction with function. I’m discovering a new respect for the Golgari that way. Working on Green/Black in today’s Standard sets makes me miss Ravnica’s take on it.

Devon: For my money, Zombies and Vampires in black did it best.

Szpirs: What was their thing? Generally, cycling out of graveyard and tribal bonuses?

Devon: Sack creatures for effects, pull them back out of the graveyard to do it again. Pay life for card draw or search…stuff like that.

Szpirs: What’s your all-time favourite zombie cards/deck/combo?
Devon: Old school mono black zombies, Zombie Master. That enchantment that turns a land into a swamp and then swampwalk in…
zombie master.jpg
Szpirs: It’s giving me highschool flashbacks…Painful, painful flashbacks.
Mark: For me, it’s Angles/Faith overall. That’s what I love to play with. Despite exterior appearances, I like to be a white hat at heart.
Szpirs: Thanks guys. For me, it’s Goblins. Straightforward, stupid, and self-destructive, goblins are the personifications of unpredictability. I especially like ones like the Skirk Fire Marshal…burns everything at the table, it’s controller included. Fun coin-flip effects like the Goblin Archaeologist or Goblin Bomb add another level of madness. I’m trying to play more complicated decks these days, but I still tinker with my gobs every so often.
Mark: Gross.
Well, that’s it Geeks. Leave us your favourite Magic family in the comments, maybe? I dunno, whatever you want, really. Anyways, have a Magical Monday.

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