Magic Monday: Taking Command

Wherein Szpirs gets Commander cards in the mail and, obviously, has no idea what to do with them. Stew promptly schools him with some Commander brew ideas and strategies. Help Stew help Szpirs understand Commander in the comments! Allons y!

Szpirs: Stewwwwwwww! My cards came in the mail! It’s Cardsmas!

Stew: Yay!

Szpirs: Centrepiece is Tariel, Reckoner of Souls. I heard good things about her on some Commander groups and found her on the cheap. What do I build with her in EDH?

Stew: Reanimator

Szpirs: Like:


Stew: Kinda yeah, actually.

Szpirs: So I guess you use things like Buried Alive to dump stuff into your graveyard then Reanimate to bring them back?

Stew: Yep, exactly. Fill your graveyard with discard and sacrifice effects and then reanimate effects to get your big swings fast and cheap.
Szpirs: K….What are the go-to cards for this deck?

Stew: Entomb, Ashnods Altar, Necromancy, Animate Dead, Ichorid & Grave Crawler, Wheel of Fortune, Zombie Infestation… you can use like Plows and Wraths and removal spells in White…and Black should be mostly creatures with splashes of Red and White mixed through for discard/recursion like Squee!


Szpirs: Cool…I got a few pieces of that. What’s the strategy for Tariel? Get the big swings out ASAP or are there any combos to work with?

Stew: Tariel and Rings of Brighthearth is pretty good. So, with Ashnod’s Altar you can mill someone (put their library cards into their graveyard – Szpirs) and then use Tariel and Rings to bring out two of your opponent’s creatures.

Szpirs: Cool. Also got myself a Grenzo. What do I do with him?

Stew: He would be a good add to the Tariel deck actually…you roll the dice or use Reito Lantern to put graveyard critters on the bottom of your library…guaranteeing he’ll get you a creature each turn.

Szpirs: Nice.

Stew: You’d also use things like Hearthstone and Ever After.

Szpirs: Like:

ever aftermovie.jpg

Stew: NO!

Szpirs: What’s the play strategy for Grenzo?

Stew: You look for 0/0 creatures cards and low power but heavy hitting beasties.
Triskelion – a 1/1 that comes in with 3 +1/+1 counters is a good example. Also, Herald of Leshrac is bananas in it.

Szpirs: You should marry the Herald of Leshrac.

Stew: LOL Dude, it’s crazy good as long as you aren’t hard casting it.

Szpirs: Any commanders you interested in brewing?

Stew: I know one I wouldn’t mind trying is Atraxa from the Commander 2016 decks.

Szpirs: I’m seeing a lot of chatter about her…. What’s the big deal?

Stew: She’s nuts. Counter decks with +1+1 counters on everything…then proliferate.


Szpirs: Yeesh.

Stew: Indeed.

Well, that’s it, Geeks. What are you brewing for Commander? Let us know in the comments! Have a Magical Monday! – Szpirs




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