Magic Monday (ish): Comes the Tarmogoyf!!

Wherein Szpirs is baffled by previews for the premium reprint set Modern Masters 2017. Stew tries (in vain) to fix him by rating the preview cards and explaining his hopes and dreams for MM2017. At least Szpirs knows what the Tarmogoyf is…and why he must FEAR AND RESPECT THE TARMOGOYF!!

Szpis: Stewwww! Something called a Tarmogoyf is being reprinted in Modern Masters. Everyone (on my Facebook MTG groups) is freaking out.


Szpirs: Now you’re freaking out.
Stew: Remember how I like bears? Like, grizzly bears not big, hairy men?
Szpirs: I remember half of that.
Stew: Anyways, Tarmogoyf is the best bloody bear ever gorram made. The foils from the last Modern Masters sell  for over $700 a piece.
Szpirs: Stupid question – why? How big can these things get? +1 for creature, instant, sorcery, enchantment, artifact in graveyards….5/6 for G1 is good…but game ending good?
I mean black or blue has answers galore for creatures of any size…I guess the other colours will have a harder time dealing with it…but there’s swords/exile cards in white…red can ramp/burn it…
Stew: An 8/9 for 2 mana is pretty good.
So let’s paint a picture, if you will. I have a hand of 7 cards: Tarmogoyf, fetch land (Verdant Catacombs or something), Brainstorm, Lotus Petal, Dark Ritual, Hymn to Tourach, and a swamp; this seems like a typical type 1 or 1.5 (vintage/legacy) hand.
Szpirs: Ok….
Stew: Turn one, I fetch for a green land and use lotus petal for black mana to play dark ritual giving me 3B in my pool. I use 2B to cast Hymn, causing you to discard two random cards. I’m gonna  assume that one of them is a creature or enchantment. I use the green land and 1  for Tarmo. Turn two, it’s dealing 6 damage if Hymn hits a creature or enchantment: +1 for an artifact (Lotus Petal), instant (Dark Ritual), sorcery (Hymn to Tourach), a land (fetch), and your creature or enchantment (from my Hymn). Now, being that this is a game of luck and percentages, how high do you think those percentages are when you can have 4 of each of these cards in your deck?
Szpirs: So, what formats is this legal in now/will it be destroying?
Stew: EDH (Commander), Legacy, and Vintage… also, Block and Modern.
Szpirs: Anything else announced for Modern Masters 2017 come close to this?
Stew: Well, Damnation is crazy good…
Szpirs: Wrath of God in black?
Stew: Yep.

Szpirs: Anything else from the MM preview catch your eye? I hear they’re doing signets too.


Stew: The fetch lands, Damnation, and Gifts Ungiven (I love this card….so busted) are pretty good. Snapcaster Mage is pretty decent too.
MM fetch.jpg
Szpirs: Awesome. Any cards you want to see in the set they haven’t announced yet (Szpirs’ Note: HAHA! The full cardlist is out now!)?
Stew: I would love a reprinting of some of the Kamigawa Rares; like, the really good ones that were hard to find when it came out…Umezawa’s Jitte, Sensei’s Divining Top, Azusa Lost but Seeking…just to name a few.
Szpirs: I would love a Top…I traded one at our LCS just after launch day.

Stew: LOL Don’t you hate that?

Szpirs: SO MUCH! It was to this one guy too….he totally bodied me with it in his storm deck. Lousy tendrils…lousy everything.

Stew: That guy wouldn’t play tendrils. If that’s your Top, it’s funny because I’m using it now.

Szpirs: GORRAM IT!

Szpirs: No, it’s cool. Glad it ended up in good hands.

Stew: “Good” – hehe. I do play tendrils.



Well, that’s it Geeks. What were your picks for Modern Masters 2017? Dispute us in the comments…and have a magical Monday Tuesday. – Szpirs

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