Make America Weez Again! New Weezer Video

Na nana na. Na nana na nanana. Na nana na. Na nana na nanana.

Are you ready have a tune stuck in your head for months? Weezer’s new video/song/anthem, Feels like Summer, lives up to the name. Get your patio soundtrack preview while you’re knee-deep in snow (in the Golden Horseshoe, anyway….).

Weezer seems to alternate between 90’s pastiche and electro-pop-rock experimentation (Szpirs refuses to apologize for his imprecise understanding of musical genres. We’ve talked to him about it. Interventions welcome. – Ed.) and this track seems to fall squarely into the latter category. If you’re a Blue Album superfan, maybe this isn’t gonna be for you. I dig it though.



The video is a comfortable New Wave 80’s throwback with slick, modern finishes. The morphing effects (Weezer Rangers?) kinda took me to a that-part-of-Akira place but the upbeat tune and tempo dominate the imagery. It kind of embodies where I perceive Weezer to be as a band – a playful, consciously retro band that’s not out to make any big political statements – not when they can grab a drink with friends under a setting sun, belting out infectious rhythm lines that feel old and new at the same time.

Weezer’s new album lands this summer and in the meantime, the band’s closing out the North American tour for last year’s White Album before heading over to Europe in the fall.

Full schedule:

Szpirs Score: Na nana na / Na nanana nanana.

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