Magic Mondays: Crackin’ Modern Masters Packs

Wherein Szpirs buys a single Modern Masters 2017 booster and turns to more qualified players to find the pick of the pack. Mark, Devon, and Stew share their own adventures in boostery. How’d you all do this weekend? Correct us, dispute us, and share your Modern Masters picks on this week’s Magic Monday.

Szpirs: Hey! How many of youse guys bought Modern Masters this weekend? Like, even one booster?

Devon: Yeah, I did on the way to work.

Mark: I bought a couple just for disappointment value.

Szpirs: Me too! Does it count as schadenfreude when you do it to yourself?

Stew: No.

Szpirs: Ok, let’s crack some packs!  I’m kinda excited about this. I’m looking for a few pieces for a B/R Commander deck.

Mark: So, I went into The Hooded Goblin in Georgetown with my little geek monkey in tow (Editor’s Note: Mark is referring to his kid, not an actual monkey) . She quickly decided on a new Frozen comic book, issue #5 I believe it was. She then selected one of those little figurine mystery boxes, this time she picked X-Men. I sidled up to the counter and requested not one, not two, but three Modern Masters boosters. That’s right, three. So far, 2017 has treated me reasonably well and I usually have pretty good luck with booster pulls. So here we go, opening the middle of the three packs….

Mark’s Booster: 

Mark’s Pick: Gifts Ungiven, a decent card but as far as value per pack, terrible. Once again proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are best off just buying singles from MM sets. Oh, I also pulled a Spirit Token if those blow your skirt up. Far and away, the best card in the pack is the Gifts, but it isn’t amazing. I don’t really play blue that much; it’s a cheater colour. Mostly it’s a Stew card, and I would totally pick this out of the pack because I might be able to trade it to someone else for something better.
Stew: Blue isn’t….I won’t…guh…Fine – but I won’t trade anything too good (Editor’s Note: Yes, he will).
Mark: Oh, the monkey’s X-Men mystery figure was Wolverine.
Devon: Here’s my pack. I bought a few of them…chose this one at random.

Stew: Eww.

Devon’s Pick: I’d say Wort for the conspire it adds to red and green instant and sorcery spells. Ripped a Linvala in my second pack.
Mark: She’s one of my chase cards.
Devon: I’ll trade it.
Stew: I’ll give you a better trade than Mark for it… 😎
Mark and Stew:
GoT stare.gif

Szpirs: Stew, how’d you do on your boosters?

Stew: I blocked most of it out but I think I got a Blood Moon and a Path to Exile.

Szpirs: Ugh. Both great cards.

Stew’s Pick: Path to Exile. Can’t beat the CMC for an exile effect.

Szpirs: Behold the contrast –

Szpirs’ Pick: Sever the Bloodline is OK removal…high-ish CMC but it can wreck token decks or exile that one big problem creature. The flashback is even pricey-er but good in a pinch. The signets/guildgates are good but not for what I’m building…honestly, the pick of the litter might be the Soul Warden. W and 1/1 but a life for each creature that ETB’s, token or not….that’s a huge advantage in multiplayer formats. Perfect for pillowforts.

Mark: Soul warden is also great as a distraction. A common tactic I’ve used is getting people to worry about the life I’m gaining whilst ignoring mana build-up…then I smack them with an Akroma in the face.

Devon: I like where you are going but the Spectre would be a great pick as well. Discard effect and two damage in the air? That’s good for you.

Mark: Rubblebelt Makka isnt terrible either. Its’ bloodrush ability is a red Giant Growth.

Szpirs: Yeah. I guess there’s lots of useful cards in there…just nothing that stands out for my builds.

Mark: Sure. Hey, D. You want a foil Black Vise for that Linvala?

Devon: Yes, please.

Szpirs: Don’t do it! He’s a lifelink/plague rats away from 1997ing us all over again!
Mark: Devo?…Bah…You should be more scared of what I’m gonna do with Linvala.
Well, that’s it for this week, Geeks. How’d you do on your Modern Masters pulls? Let us know in the comments.

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