Magic Monday: Amonkhet Roundup + Trailer!

Welp, Modern Masters 2017 has been around for five minutes, so I guess it’s time for another MTG expansion! Amonkhet have you down to your LGS on Apr. 28th and the spoilers are droppin’ like noses off Sphinxes. Szpirs is terrified of everything new. Mark, Stew, Devon, and Mike perform an intervention. It’s all things Amonkhet on this week’s Magic Monday. #MTGAKH

Szpirs: Amonkhet! Amonkhet everywhere! 

Stew: Is this bad? I don’t think it’s bad.
Devon: I’m interested in the embalm and exert mechanics. The new split card seems OK but the design is hard to look at. I like the art on the new planeswalker cards too.
Mark: Yeah, I hate the visuals on the new splits – painful looking. The art looks pretty, curious mechanics; I’m interested.
Stew: CYCLING! It’s back – in pog form.
Devon: Cycling is pretty awesome. Pay a low cost to discard the card and draw…keeps things moving.
Devon: I think Stew is over-excited for cycling.
Szpirs: What do you think of these punch cards? punchcard.png
Devon: Just a token with a gimmick.
Mike: This set’s going to have a lot of counters, isn’t it?
Mark: A tonne.
Stew: One or two….
Devon: All the counters.
Mark: I’m kinda terrified of the number of counter types that are going to be flying around.
Stew: Yeah…but the punch card reminds me of that stupid ‘coptor thing from the predecease decks. Worthless wastes of paper…
Szpirs: Prerelease decks, you mean? Like the Kaladesh prerelease event box?
Stew: Yep, that’s what I was think of.
Mike: A predeceased deck sounds perfect for this plane.
Szpirs: ‘Copter’s sitting on my desk at home…it IS pretty worthless. Do you think anyone will actually use the punch cards or stick to dice or beads?
Devon: There are lots of tokens in this set. I’ll just use dice, as always.
Stew: Me too…I like glass beads.
Szpirs: Any wishes for this set? Like things you really want to see?
Stew: I don’t want to see chase but I do want to see genuinely decent cards. Of course, some are going to be poo but like four cards that are “holy Set, that’s an awesome card” would be dope.
Devon: A legendary mummy would be cool. New gods and then pretty much what Stew said. I don’t want to see a new batch of cards that break Standard.
Stew: Yeah, gods would be dope. I only had a few from Theros and such. I’d like some more. Ooh and plentiful full art land foils.
Devon: Foil full art is cool. I traded most of my Theros gods off; would love to get a hold of another Erobos.
Stew: I enjoy Karametra and Heliod.
Szpirs: Well, dare to compare to this Amonkhet badness. BAM:
Stew: Huh. Good for burn.
Devon: I like how it works. I’d love to see a standard red-deck-wins comeback.
Szpirs: WotC posted the first episode of the Amonkhet story…it offers some insight into who these gods are and what they’re about. It was a pretty sharp read. Gives some insight into new directions for the super friends too. It’s the kind of story that could be developed into a movie/Netflix series/something like that.
Stew: I’ve said it before but i miss the books. Nothing better than buying a fat pack on release day, reading the book, then killing everyone with mindslaver combo.
Devon: Those were the days
Szpirs: With the new ties to D&D and the obvious drive towards some sort of film project, you’d think they’d be pushing for more fiction, not less.
Mike: There’s probably some cost/benefit thinking there. Maybe they can’t justify paying an author for a full length novel for some reason.
Szpirs: Hey, Gravedigger is back! Gravedigger
Stew: Gravedigger is reprinted ever few sets.
Devon: Grave digger is OK. I ran it in a few zombie builds back in the day. Also, the new masterpiece cards are amazing.
Mark: Masterpiece???
Stew: Ugggh… more chase BS?
Mark: More chase BS. They are pretty but they don’t look like magic cards.
Stew: Well, that will lower the price of Force of Will for me so that’s cool…
Devon: I just want one.
Mike: Very thematic visually, at least.
Mark: True, suits the theme.
Szpirs: So, these are called Invocations now?
Stew: Yup. In Aether Revolt and Kaladesh, they were inventions.
Devon: …or expedition in Zendikar.

Szpirs: You think all the gods have an attack/block condition? Sorta like how all the Theros gods had that devotion thing? Like you play it, but you can’t use it right away (in the early game, at least).

Devon: Yeah, I think all the gods will have something like that.
Stew: The gods, for the most part, are just living indestructible enchantments. I never want to attack with them.
Devon: I agree. I played Purphoros a lot and I never wanted him to swing or even turn into a creature
Szpirs: New dual lands…that’s good news….

Mike: No question.

Szpirs: …but what about these new flip cards?

Destined-Lead-Amonkhet-Spoiler-216x302Stew: Did we really need more flips?

Mark: I’m with Stew. Down with flip cards.

Devon: Visually, the new flips are terrible. How they work and what they do, I like.

Mark: Pretty art, but meh. I don’t mean it sucks; it’s alright, just doesn’t really get me super-excited. I’m getting a little sick of chase cards. Flip cards are dumb. Mechanics aren’t terrible. No vehicles, which is nice. I don’t recall any dragons in Egyptian myth, but okay, we’ll give it a pass. I hope it’s not like Innistrahd block which had a ton of promise and was disappointing overall.

Devon: So far, pretty with a few interesting mechanics that I may be able to abuse. Love the snake cat.

Prowling-Serpopard-Amonkhet-Spoiler-216x302.pngSzpirs: It creeps me out, man.

Devon: I know.

Stew: Agree with Mark. Gonna hold out judgement for a bit longer.


Welp, that’s it, Geeks…except for this sweet trailer! What’s got you excited for Amonkhet? Leave a comment and have a Magical Monday.

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