“Cloak and Dagger” Preview!

Marvel and Freeform have released the trailer for their upcoming “Cloak & Dagger” miniseries, which looks amazing. The release date is a nebulous 2018 but this trailer makes a strong case for the show being worth the wait.

The comic ran for about 50 issues between 1982 and 1990; the duo have appeared in other comics off-and-on ever since, having significant roles in “Spider-Man” (Maximum Carnage, 1993), “Runaways” (2006), and “X-Men (during the Utopia era – circa 2008).

Behold and prepare. This network is doing the Squirrel Girl-led “New Warriors” show next, so here’s hoping for good things…and maybe a bit of shared universe stuff? Check out the neon sign in the last shot ;).


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