Magic Monday: Ain’t No Party Like a Prerelease Party

Yeeeeeeeeee-haw, Geeks! Amonkhet has landed and it is awesome! Join Szpirs, Devon, Stew, Mike, and Mark as we recount the horrors and splendours of prerelease weekend and share our takes on the new set so far. Plus, a game of Commander goes horribly right! Stew and Devon take a deep dive into WotC’s update to the Banned/Restricted lists. All this and more (possibly) in this week’s Magic Monday! 

Prerelease Party Down

Szpirs: Amooooooonkhet!


Devon: I just finished playing.
Szpirs: How’d it go? Good times? 
Devon: Yeah. I played at Burdin’s Comics in downtown Hamilton. I took second.
Szpirs: Congrats! What did you build?
Devon: I played B/W Zombies. It did ok.
Szpirs: You go to any prerelease events, Stew?
Stew: Nope. I will try to buy some packs sometime next week.
Szpirs: Any sweet pulls, D?
Stew: Foil Oracle’s Vault …very nice pull… I also like Temmet… a nice fast commander that’s half decent.
Devon: Thanks Stew. I like the Vizier of the Menagerie…I got some pretty good stuff.
Stew: Oh, very much so. That will see play in EDH…

Stew: I heard there weren’t any invokations pulled from our local LCS’s..

Devon: There are guy at Burdin’s who pulled a Wrath of God
Szpirs: That card is no way to make friends…
Mike: There are no friends in Magic! 😉
Devon: Ain’t it the truth…LOL
Stew: LOL …only temporary ceasefires and treaties. Especially for fools who use Bosh with a Goblin Welder 😛

That Commander Game…

Szpirs: Hey, it was your guys’ fault for letting me rack up 10 loyalty on Daretti…I used his emblem power which returned my artifacts to play on my end step…then I used Bosh to fling my big creatures for damage and Stalking Vengeance to jack the damage up.
Stew and Devon:
Szpirs: That was just the back up…  next time, imma get Feldon and Wurmcoil Engine going….
Stew: So much hate…
Devon: LOL
Stew: To be fair, if you didn’t tap my metalworker when you did and then boardwipe, it wouldn’t have been pretty…I would have been able to wipe our almost all tokens by making them artifacts and using Karn the Silver Golem to kill them all.
Szpirs: It would’ve been pretty for you…
Devon: LOL Yeah. That wipe was well timed…for everyone.
Szpirs: LOL It was the least I could do. It wasn’t enough to stop Mark’s Kaalia deck. Once he got Avacyn on the table, that was it.
Mark:  My contribution for the week: don’t mess with Avacyn. Two games and one card very nearly won them both, in two entirely different decks.
Stew: Not quite what I would say… If you’re playing Mark, hold back an rfg (Remove From Game) card for Avacyn…I had to use mine on Devon or we were all dead.
Mark: Hahahah. I actually wasn’t aiming for Avacyn the first game, I really wanted to break out the Kaalia / Master of Cruelties and Kaalia / Rakdos the Defiler combos. I also can’t believe I was topdecking Disenchant the following turn when D beat me.
That should be one of the MtG mantras: “One. More. Turn.
Devon: That would’ve been good for you. As it was, I was able to draw into Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood. Boom.
Stew: Yep, kill Mark first. That’s all I read
Mark: That’s usually how it goes.

Some Amonkhet Packs

Szpirs: Ok…Gonna do a couple packs. I’ll just do uncommons then the rares all at once.
Devon: Alright. Doooo it!

Szpirs: Commons of note….Tormenting Voice…I like having some draw in Red…and Final Reward…pricey exile in Black. Looks like there’s lots of graveyard interaction… either cycling or embalm on nearly everything.

Devon: Tons of it.
Szpirs: Uncommons are…
Devon: I’d probably choose Censor. It’s a reliable Mana Spike with some mid-/late-game versatility on that cycling.
Szpirs: I like the Vizier of Deferment. She’s kinda cool…flashes in..blinks target attacking or blocking creature. Could be a good answer to a big swing plus you get a creature on the other side of it. 
Devon: It’s a good one, too.
Szpirs: Pack Two…
Devon: Stir the Sands. I wouldn’t use it in constructed; costs way too much. In limited, it could be OK.
Szpirs: Gonna go with the Vizier again. In a deck with lots of cycle or discard, that could be a winning swing..especially with flying. Next pack…
Devon: Probably the scavenger.
Szpirs: It’s a reasonable bear with an interaction on other exert creatures. Agreed. Next…
Szpirs: I think By Force is gonna be huge in Standard until Kaladesh rotates out but Trial of Zeal is pretty good burn with the cartouche option to do it again…

Devon: Those would be my picks depending on what else I had already drafted.

Szpirs: Sweet validation! Next up…
Szpirs: I says Naga. reliable draw in Green.
Devon: Naga I think. Maybe trial.
Szpirs: Depending on how many cartouches you have?
Devon: Yeah, and what colours I’m playing. I mean, sometimes you draft a lousy card just because it’s in your colours.
Szpirs: Last pack…
Devon: Trial, all the way.
Szpirs: I like the beetles too..good against weenies. Here come the rares….
Szpirs: Farmland is kind of a staple…but I like Rhonas, Never//Return is a sideboard-able planeswalker killer, but dat Throne could be a wrecking machine in a weenie/token/goblin deck.
Szpirs: Gonna keep working on b/w zombies in standard?
Devon: I am going to work on a zombie build but I think mono red aggro first and then black/green snakes

Szpirs: Cool…gonna try to tweak my pseudo-constrictor deck…but I’m thinking the jig is up for Mardu vehicles, tho.

Devon: We’ll see next week.

Well, that’s it Geeks. Any of you get in on an Amonkhet event last weekend? Let us know in the comments! – Szpirs

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