Magic Monday: Super Fast Amonkhet Set Reivew Go!

Hey Geeks! No time to talk – Szpirs, Stew, Devon and Mark are reviewing Amonkhet as quickly as they can! GO!
Devon: Hey Szpirs. How’s…
Szpirs: No time! Amonkhet has been in Standard for almost a week! We need to review it!

Stew: Why do we….
Szpirs: No time!


Stew: All trash.
Szpirs: What about the one that does the thing?
shake head.gif
Szpirs: Oracle’s Vault annnnnd…Throne of the God-Pharoah
Stew: Vault is kind of fun I’ve used it in EDH because it seemed pretty broken.
Throne is meh to me.


Devon: Throne feels like it should be really good. And the Vault is good. I like the, “once this artifact has three brick tokens it does this instead” mechanic.
Szpirs: The monuments cycle seems awesome…your spells get cheaper and you get a triggered ability whenever you cast a creature..for 3 mana? Seems good to me.
Stew: The set isn’t uninteresting. It’s more balanced than some sets have been where breakout cards are only in one colour. Think what you will about the flavour, but play-wise, it’s not horrible.
Also reprinted deranged hermit in white without echo is not bad. (Ed. note: can you guess which card Stew is thinking of? Comment with the answer for prizes!)
Mark: I just found it boring. Maybe I’m just becoming less interested in the game in general…


Szpirs: Dat god, amiright? Bontu? Brutal.
Stew: It’s pretty tight. I also like Dread Wanderer; that was my foil from a prerelease box. Plague Belcher is pretty good too.
Devon:Never//Return is pretty good. Plague Belcher is great. The new zombie lord is too… and let’s not forget the new Lily.
Stew: Nissa is better…
Szpirs: Gold cards to come later! Obey the fast set review rules (there are no rules. I’m just making it up)!
Szpirs: ARCHFIEND! Gonna be seeing this guy in reanimators forEVER, right?
Devon: Archfiend is good. And Nissa is better than this Lily…except in the art.
Szpirs: All in all, this set’s Black is the Black I remember…straight creature destruct, discard, getting stuff out of the graveyard…plus Never // Return? Sideboard in EVERY commander deck. Nice planeswalker…BOOM.
Devon: I think all the colours went back to basics in this set. I’m planning on main boarding Never//Return in my mono black Standard deck.


Devon and Stew: Censor.
Stew: The counter spell/time warp (I can’t remember the name) is not bad.
Devon: Commit//Memory. Yeah, it’s good. Pull from Tomorrow is nice.
Stew: The enchantment that gives you a turn 1 ancestral vision for 0…
Stew: It’s blue and mythic…or is that pull from tomorrow…
Devon: Pull is draw X….I think I know what card you are talking about but I can’t think of the name….
Szpirs: As Fortold?as fortold
Stew: LOL That’s it. I wish the manticores had some type of creature like Regal Caracal
Devon: That would be awesome.
Mark: Ha…you dorks are talking about Magic while I get to research precipitation penetrations standards in fenestration…y’all don’t know what you are missing.
Stew: I bet it’s as exhilarating as booking a trip to Omaha, Nebraska and dealing with connection issues…
Devon: Think I’ll pass on both.
Mark: Now, if we could combine Omaha, Nebraska and Fenestration Standards, we’d be onto something REALLY special…
Stew: Something so boring it creates a black hole?
Mark: I think that’s probably what would happen…
Szpirs: U/B – Bore//Death – Exile every other spell that has not yet resolved. They resolve at the end of the next end step. // Destroy all creatures that came into play this turn
Flavour text: …fenestration standards in Omaha Nebraska. Page One. Given average precipitation on a given year (table i), certain principals must be applied in order to…
Stew: LOL Now you’re going to make a card that has too much text… like Oubliette from Arabian nights.
Szpirs: I’m all about flavour.


Szpirs: I think Green is the big winner this set.
Stew: Vizier of the Menagerie is nuts.
Szpirs: Rhoooooonas!
Stew: He’s fun with Rafiq. The cat snake is weird.
Szpirs: Yeah…there’s a bit of Blue splashed in with that one. The land fetch and mana ramp in green is enormous too…naga vitalist, oashra cultivator


Stew: I’m not sure if Red or Green was better served this set…but they both did pretty great.
Szpirs: Yup. Fling is back…Harsh Tutor is mean…but Glorybringer? Holy friojes. You seen that monster played? Unreal.


Szpirs: I’m not sure what’s going on in White in this set
Devon: White is confused and is trying to be Black.
Szpirs: Oketra is pretty OK…Not a bad Gideon either…
Devon: WHAT? Gideon is broken! If he resolves, you win.
Szpirs: Only as long as you can keep him around, though.
Devon: That’s what I mean. Once the emblem is made, that’s it; doesn’t matter if he leaves the table.
Szpirs: I’m missing something here. Card says, “as long as you control a Gideon planeswalker”. Swing for three and it’s problem solved, right?
Stew: …unless…
Szpirs: …unless they’re running more than one Gideon……then they drop the emblem, let that copy of Gideon get burnt off or whatever…then play Gideon, Ally of Zendikar or something…
Devon: Yup. Plus it’s easy to protect him with white’s damage reduction/prevention cards. Look, if I’m playing him I’m running four and probably four Ally of Zendikar as well.
Szpirs: That decklist is…expensive.
Devon: Yeah its gotta to be around $400…and that’s just Gideons.
Stew: Eww….


Szpirs: I hear a lot about Hapatra….
Stew: Nissa all day, every day.
Devon: Nissa, Hapatra and that B/W mummy that pings when zombies come into play…Man, I’m gonna build a U/W No Fun Gideon deck. Four of each Gideon, four eldrazi displacers… counter, draw, and removal.
Szpirs: Failure//Comply is a must.
Devon: Yup that could be handy.


Stew: Cascading Cataracts is awesome for EDH. Evolving Wilds has been reprinted so that will see play in Standard again.
Devon: I’m thinking about running it in mono black just so I always have a trigger for Fatal Push
Szpirs: Painted Bluffs…that’s fine mana fixing.
Devon: I love the Sunscorched Desert.
sun desert.png
 Szpirs: That’s hilarious. It should be Red. That is the Reddest card I’ve ever seen.
Devon: I love it.
Devon: Lands are pretty solid all around in this set.
Szpirs: Agreed. Lands are definitely a strength in Amonkhet.

Final Thoughts

Szpirs: I dunno man…All in all, I like this set. It’s kinda reusing some older mechanics (cycling, aftermath kinda) but the colours each have a strong personality and it seems like there’s more than a few cards with some staying power.
Devon: I see useful tools in this set for Commander… perhaps for modern; I’m not sure since I don’t really play modern or legacy.
Szpirs: I might go in for the Archenemy deck this time…really digging the mystery of what, exactly, Bolas did to this plane…and how hard he’s going to stomp the Gatewatch.
Devon: Cool. I might have to scoop up one as well. I like this set all around. I don’t know yet if it is going to balance out standard, and it’s not mind blowing, but it’s a fun set with some real gems hidden in it.
Mark: Boo. Weak set, in my opinion. I bought a total of 0 packs; I intend to buy 0 packs. It should have been a set I love – I have Anubis and Thoth stautes in my office – yet I think the set is dull and uninteresting.
Stew: I enjoyed it. Made me wish I had played the prerelease. Loads of EDH goodies land awesomeness would of like more artifacts but meh. I have one point of contention with this set; full art lands aren’t in each pack and a foil one is as rare as the invocations. In fact, I pulled a full art land this weekend and a normal foil plains I was quite disappointed.
Szpirs: I’m trying to work the new cards into my Standard decks….have youse guys seen any wierd synergies w the other sets?
devo combo.jpg
Devon: I know, right? I’m building this right now.

Well, that’s it for this week, Geeks. How do you think Amonkhet will shake up Standard? Any great pulls? Let us know in the comments! Have a Magical Monday!

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