VOTD: The BEST Thing About This HeroQuest Review is This HeroQuest Review

There is a rarefied air breathed only by those who climb the highest pinnacles of human achievement. From those lofty heights these titans, nay, gods can look down on us and our manifold inadequacies with well deserved scorn. Such a one has crafted, I think, the definitive review of HeroQuest – that late 80’s/early 90’s knock-off Dungeons and Dragons game that served as a stepping stone for many a youth into expensive, time-consuming, and socially detrimental hobbies. Prepare yourself for one of the greatest pieces of art ever crafted by humans.

I can’t even. Neither can you. You just don’t know it yet.


Well, I thought it was funny. Here’s the old TV ad he references with the ‘broadsword’ joke:

Next Tabletop Day, eh, Geeks?

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