‘The Orville’: Right on Trek for MacFarlane Comedy

Seth MacFarlane’s new hour long sci-fi comedy The Orville dropped it’s trailer and it’s exactly what you would expect from the self described Star Trek geek who appeared twice on Star Trek Enterprise. Remember A Million Ways to Die in the West? MacFarlane gives Star Trek the same treatment as he did Westerns – only more FCC friendly; there won’t be running anal sex jokes… probably.

The Orville crew has everything from a Klingon-style alien from an all-male Planet to a sentient pile of goo to a robot with a superiority complex. Oh, and the second in command is the Captain’s ex-wife. So I guess you could call her Number One.While the costumes and humanoid aliens appear straight out of a 90’s Star Trek series, the DNA of Red Dwarf, Galaxy Quest and others (does Andromeda count as comedy? …and do I detect a shade of Firefly around the 1:00 mark?) are present as well, but it isn’t a clone of any of those. Filled with the type of deadpan one-liners, slapstick and pop culture splicing that MacFarlane is famous for, the show nevertheless looks like a decent budget sci-fi adventure in the trailer.

The pilot was directed by Jon Favreau, the pop culture geek and big budget film director who started in fast-paced dialogue driven comedy flicks like Made before jump-starting the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man.  The show will premiere on Fox in September and air on Thursdays. With any luck, Fox will treat it more like their animated comedies than they do their other genre shows and keep it running long enough to see how many of us pop culture nerds it can really attract. With a trailer for Star Trek Discovery due for the CBS upfront (and recently teased by producer-writer Ted Sullivan on Twitter) , it will be interesting to see if this show will undermine or boost the new Trek series.

(ed. note: this report basically written by Agent Praxis. Dif-tor heh smusma, brother)

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