The Geeks

From days long ago, from many different regions of fandom, came three heroes. Their love of fantasy novels, science fiction TV shows, poorly translated pan-asian video games, b-horror-zombie-movies, black-and-white-anthropomorphic-reptile comics, limited edition action figures, and Brechtian Epic theatre was unrivaled! They loved everything geeky and hated almost everything about The Star Wars Prequels. Together they formed an alliance that sought to bring wisdom, peace and prosperity to all things nerdy to anyone that was in earshot.

As they grew older, they settled into adulthood and became something even greater than a two day Hamilton ComiCon; they became parents! Now, under the ever watchful eye of their wives, these three fledgling fathers must carry the awesome responsibility of boldly raising their children in the ways of fandom, while doling out their wisdom on which safety gates are most likely to keep the Stormtroopers and the boogeyman at bay. They are the GEEKS WITH KIDS!

Geeks with Kids is a weekly podcast where three geeky dads at different stages of dadhood talk about all things nerdy, geeky and parent.

Check us out on iTunes, The Google Play Store, Stitcher and your favourite podcast service.


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