Spoilers and Speculations: Luke Cage

There are two types of people when it comes to consuming stories. Those who speculate and those who savour. I’m a speculator. I’m always trying to figure out what happens next. If you’ve seen Season one of Marvels Luke Cage and you also like to guess what’s coming next then this one’s for you. Advertisements

Donald Glover is Young Lando! Universe Possibly Fair.

Donald Glover is Lando in upcoming Han Solo film. Think he can carry the torch for Billy Dee?

Episode 37: Geeks vs the Outrageous Package

Geek Aaron returns along with guest host James to talk about new babies, Fan Expo, #kirbyweek, and lots more. What are the ethics of babies at bars? How can we handle toddler attitude? Will anyone survive a trip into Marvel and DC soliiciations? It’s the most conversational episode yet! Geeks with Kids – Episode 37…

Angry about the PSN price hike? Go to COSTCO!

Hey everyone!  I am so stoked to jump back into the Podcast / Blogging saddle!  So much so that I have a wicked plan to beat the PSN price hike coming on September 22nd.  Wait, what?!

Geeks v Optimism: Dawn of Hope?

Things are looking up in the worlds of Geekdom. A new crop of trailers, news from DC’s movie universe, and cool new Disney rides seem to say so. The Geeks take on Civil War, BvS, and Uncharted 4. Can Szpirs stop saying “deal-breaker”? Are cell phones safe from Aaron? Will Erik cry at the mere…

Szpirs Blog: The Week in Szpirsview

Hey Geeks, So, when we’re not making podcasts, what are the GwK up to? Here’s what Szpirs (me) has been doing but, be warned, some of it may…disturb you. It probably won’t disturb you. Sorry, I can’t bring myself to try click-baiting. I’m gonna write a bit about failing at rock-climbing, a great Dragonball Z…

Parentless Hollow Utopia House – Fisher Price’s Vision of the Future

I watched this Fisher Price video a couple of weeks ago and had A LOT to say about: robopocalypse, Matrix-esque human farming, and similar reasonable conclusions. However, after a lively debate about the video with Sarah, my awesomely, objective wife, I took a step back to think about it a little more and concede that I…