Magic Monday: Standard May Experience Some Slight Turbulence then…Explode

It’s been a bonkers couple of weeks for MTG with the dominance of the Aetherworks Marvel archetype in Standard getting attention in many Geekly circles. Devon, Mark and Stew deconstructed the Aetherworks phenomenon and muse about the role of the WotC’s new R&D team. Szpirs is surprised by spoilers for Commander 2017! It’s a gorram…

‘The Orville’: Right on Trek for MacFarlane Comedy

Seth MacFarlane’s new hour long sci-fi comedy The Orville dropped it’s trailer and it’s exactly what you would expect from the self described Star Trek geek who appeared twice on Star Trek Enterprise. Remember A Million Ways to Die in the West? MacFarlane gives Star Trek the same treatment as he did Westerns – only more…

Magic Monday: Super Fast Amonkhet Set Reivew Go!

Hey Geeks! No time to talk – Szpirs, Stew, Devon and Mark are reviewing Amonkhet as quickly as they can! GO! Devon: Hey Szpirs. How’s… Szpirs: No time! Amonkhet has been in Standard for almost a week! We need to review it!

Magic Monday: Battle of the Bans

After faking us out with some minor tweaks to Commander and Vintage, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) dropped the hammer on the biggest combo in Standard! With the

Eliza Dushku Enlists in “The Black Company”

Look, Geeks. Sooner or later, there’s gonna be a “Game of Thrones”-shaped hole in the TV schedule and creators are hustling to position themselves as the next can’t-miss fantasy drama. “Kingkiller Chronicle” is in development, Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” is moving forward…and now the field is joined by “The Black Company” – Glen Cook’s…