Episode 97: The Geeks Play Starlink

This week, the geeks embark on an epic space odyssey as they review “Starlink: Battle for Atlas.” Released by UbiSoft Toronto, this toys-to-life game hopes to be the hit of the Christmas season. How do the little toys work? What game does Erik keep comparing it to? And is this the perfect way to introduce…

Magic Monday: Super Fast Amonkhet Set Reivew Go!

Hey Geeks! No time to talk – Szpirs, Stew, Devon and Mark are reviewing Amonkhet as quickly as they can! GO! Devon: Hey Szpirs. How’s… Szpirs: No time! Amonkhet has been in Standard for almost a week! We need to review it!

Make America Weez Again! New Weezer Video

Na nana na. Na nana na nanana. Na nana na. Na nana na nanana. Are you ready have a tune stuck in your head for months? Weezer’s new video/song/anthem, Feels like Summer, lives up to the name. Get your patio soundtrack preview while you’re knee-deep in snow (in the Golden Horseshoe, anyway….).

Throwback Thursday: The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson was perhaps one of the greatest story tellers, creative geniuses and an all round good person of the modern era.  If you disagree, go watch the footage of his memorial, and I dare you not to shed a tear as Big Bird sings “It’s not easy being green.”  Excuse me.  I got something…