BONUS: Game of Thrones Deadpool Edition

Just ahead of the release of the massive “Battle of Winterfell” episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” the Geeks gathered to pen their own dead pool list.

BONUS: Avengers Endgame – The Deadpool Edition

With the release of Marvel’s 22nd film – “Avengers: Endgame” – the geeks decided to get together and do what FOX can’t – create a dead pool of characters that will die in this epic film.

Episode 83: Ready Podcast One

Jump into the land of nostalgia with Erik, Steve and Mike as they discuss Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One.”

Charlize Theron gets payback in “Atomic Blonde” trailer

Universal Pictures have released the latest trailer for the Charlize Theron thriller “Atomic Bomb”.  Directed by “John Wick” co-director David Leitch, the film is based on the graphic novel “The Coldest City” and is set in East Germany right before the fall of the Berlin Wall.