Bonus – Remembering Sir Ian Holm

On June 19, 2020, the venerable English actor Sir Ian Holm passed away at age 88 after a long fight with Parkinson’s. Join the geeks and special guest Brittany from Everything Is Permitted as they celebrate the versatile actor who played everything from Hobbits to Jack the Ripper.

115 – The Geeks React to Comic-Con

The biggest geek convention of the year, San Diego Comic-Con, has just shuddered their 2019 doors leaving fandom with so many conflicting emotions.

Pray, Hide, Run to “Alien: Covenant” TV spots

20th Century Fox has released three TV spots for Ridley Scott’s upcoming “Alien: Covenant” titled “Pray”, “Hide”, and “Run”. The spots come ahead of the planned “Alien Day” celebration on April 26th.

“Alien: Covenant” prologue introduces you to the crew of the Covenant

In what was originally thought to be a trailer release, 20th Century Fox has released a five-minute prologue for Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant.” In it, we get introduced to the crew of the Covenant, a deep-space colonization mission, gathering for their final meal before entering cryosleep.

The Covenant crew from “Alien Covenant”

Just ahead of today’s new “Alien: Covenant” trailer, 20th Century Fox has released the film’s first full cast photo. Look at all those people that are probably going to die horrible deaths on screen.