Episode 91: SDCC Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 had so many announcements that we’re back for a second episode. Join the two Michaels, Steve, and Erik as they talk about the announcements they missed the first time around.

Episode 51: GWK with a Side of DRD

This week, join geeks Szpirs and Aaron, as they welcome back special guests, Kristi and Marc from Dance Robot Dance!  Listen in as Marc and Kristi face off against Szpirs’ Geek Compass test and discuss the debacle that is Hamilton-Gate!  Will the Geeks steal any more DRD material and jokes?  Is Star Trek Generations really…

Video: AMC’s “The Walking Dead” – The Kingdom preview

In the wake of the premiere of “The Walking Dead,” AMC has released a preview for the second episode which features the Kingdom.  The Kingdom people!!  Hopefully it’ll be better than the premiere. Ugh… that premiere though.  Am I right people?