VOTD: “Star Wars Celebration” tribute to Carrie Fisher

Today “Star Wars Celebration” started in Orlando, Florida and over the next couple days, some big news is expected. The first panel celebrated the 40th anniversary of “Star Wars” and included a beautiful tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.

Debbie Reynolds dies at 84

Debbie Reynolds, the “Singin’ in the Rain” star and mother to Carrie Fisher, died earlier today at age 84. She was taken to hospital earlier today after a suspected stroke.

Carrie Fisher dies at 60

Carrie Fisher died earlier this morning at 60 years old.  The “Star Wars” actress suffered a heart attack on Friday on a plane flight from London to Los Angeles and was rushed to emergency. She was previously said to be in a stable condition.

Someone’s Gotta Save Our Skins – Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher

Y’know, it doesn’t matter which birthday it is. Carrie Fisher is a national treasure and I think we Geeks sometimes forget how much we owe to the self-aware, trailblazing, and utterly iconic work that she did as Princess Leia…and I’m not talking about the metal bikini.