Episode 92: The Dark Knight, 10 Years Later

This week the geeks take a look at the film Variety calls “An ambitious, full-bodied crime epic of gratifying scope and moral complexity, this is seriously brainy pop entertainment that satisfies every expectation raised by its hit predecessor and then some.”

Episode 87: Movies that broke us

The geeks get to wax nostalgic on the latest episode of Geeks with Kids. Join Steve, Erik, and the two Michaels as they relieve childhood traumas while discussing movies that broke them.

Episode 38: Author vs The Compass of Geekdom

Geeks Aaron and Szpirs are joined by @ThatWriterJesse, author of Who Wants To Be a Princess? She undergoes a guantlet of questions to prove her Geekdom. Star Trek or Star Wars? Marvel or DC? Where does she stand? Where do you? Where does anyone? Also, the usual chatter about Star Trek Discovery, cleaning baby barf out of…