Episode 98: Remembering Stan Lee

This week, the geeks take a look back at the legacy of Stan The Man Lee, the man who stirred the imaginations of millions with his creations at Marvel Comics.

Episode 58: Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Join us this week as Geek Aaron returns, with his guest host, and soon to be geek with kids, Mark. Listen in as the dynamic duo discusses the new Logan red-band trailer, which Marvel heroes would make awesome dads and their pitch for a reboot of Three Men and a Baby, Marvel styles!

Top 8 (almost) Tuesday: Superheroes Punching Nazis

Hey Geeks, Well, I don’t know about you, but the last week has featured some pretty disgusting politics. So, I’m going to work it out a bit by studying how the creators of the past dealt with the supremacists and fascists of their times. Enjoy.

Top 10 Tuesday: Comeback Kids

By Odin’s Eye, it looks like Hacksaw Ridge is threatening to restore Mel Gibson to stardom…and that got me thinking about all the other celebs and properties that have faded to obscurity only to return, stronger than before. Behold: 10. Joss Whedon – Serenity Imagine having not one, but two shows cancelled in same year….

Silver Surfer Lands in NY

Dude, I got a ton of silver and gray paint left over from my Megatron cosplay project.  I wonder what I could do with it?  Hmm.  My longboard also needs  an upgrade.  I GOT IT!

Top 10 Tuesday: Superhero Fall-Outs

With Tim Miller exiting Deadpool 2, I’ve taken a look into comics history to take a look at fictitious heroic partings. Dive in an leave your own top 10