Dead Ice: Prologue Part 3

Geeks with Kids Present “Dead Ice: A 5e Adventure in the Frozen North” ~ Prologue Part 3 ~ Join our rag tag group as we venture forward after our last encounter with some ochre jellies within the shrine of Abbathor. You can watch us live on Twitch at: Or check out DM Dave at:…

134 – The Geeks Roll for Initiative

As Steve and Erik embark on their first online RPG (streaming on Twitch Wednesday evenings at 9 pm et), they thought they’d sit down with their Games Master David about Dungeons & Dragons.

Episode 41: Geeks vs New Landos, The Geek Compass, and Alan Moore (sort of)

Join Geeks Szpirs and James in welcoming Brenna, our newest Lando. We consider the timeless questions of Geekdom and discover James’ mysterious connection to Suicide Squad. Calvin and Hobbes spin-offs, AMC loving doges, post-apocalyptic retro-gaming, smokin’ hot Vulcans, and exploring the depths of the Whedonverse are all on this week’s

Week in Review

Here’s the stories that hit home this week…or at least grabbed my attention for more than a second. Rogue One subbed in WHO to do WHAT? New trailers? Batman’s new threads look a lot like which other hero? …AND a geek goes to war to bring D&D to everyone!

Dear World: Dungeons and Dragons is fun for everyone!

I was listening to a local Toronto radio station yesterday morning on my long haul into work.  The DJs were discussing the 2016 finalists for the National Toy Hall of Fame.  One of the finalists this year is Dungeons and Dragons. Then one of the DJs made an offhand comment about girls not playing D&D….