Episode 96: A Spooktacular Halloween

Join Erik, Michael and a returning Craig for a chocotastic Halloween episode. What Halloween TV specials are the best? Should teenagers still Trick or Treat? And what really is the best Halloween candy? Advertisements

Episode 47: Game-o-ween?

The Geeks prepare for Halloween in a star-studded (possibly) extravaganza! Join Geeks Aaron, Erik, and Szpirs with James and Marty – all with 50% new jokes.

Halloween Inspired Music Playlist

Looking for some tunes to play for your kiddos in an effort to get them to dance off their seemingly unending sugar high? Need some music to blast for the neighbours when they come knocking for free candy next week?  Here’s a fun, little playlist of Halloween inspired songs that are sure to please.  Have fun!

The Best Treehouse of Horror Segments

The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror episodes were always an enjoyable part of my Halloween experience when I was younger.  This year, I look to reinvigorate this tradition by re-watching some of my favourites from the past, culminating with a viewing of  Treehouse of Horror  XXVII on October 16th.  So here’s the rundown on my short list…

Scary movies for a wide variety of children…

It’s that time of year, when one of your kiddos comes to you and says, “Id like to watch a scary movie.”  Or, if they are anything like me, they’d just stay up until 2AM to watch The Exorcist without you. So here’s a little list of movies I have curated to help appease their…

Ghastlycrumb, meets Dr. Who

Happy Road to Halloween, everyone!  For some of us, it is the greatest time of year. Costumes, candy and scares.  What’s not to like? In keeping with the spirit of the season, here’s a story about a book I stumbled upon years ago  and someone’s very Whovian take on such a work.