123 – An Intro to Horror Films 101

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene… At this time of year, it can be hard to watch films that celebrate the season if you don’t know where to start. Fear not! The geeks are here, with some special guests, to help you with some introductory films in the horror genre.

122 – The Geeks do Stephen King with IT’s Jake Sim

We all float here. After his debut novel “Carrie” was released in 1974, Stephen King has gone on to create some of the greatest horror, supernatural, suspense, and fantasy novels. His book and works of short fiction have gone on to be adapted into many films, television series, and comic books – both great… and…

111 – Blood on Black Wax

Ba dum… ba dum… ba dum ba dum… dun dun dun… Did the image of a Great White Shark go through your head?

Episode 69: Marty and Aaron’s Excellent Adventure!

This week, Marty and Aaron team up to discuss the awesome new Thor: Ragnarok trailer, Star Wars Celebration and some twisty tangents that touch on Bill and Ted, Aaron Sorkin, Dr. Who and horror movies from back in the day.  Will Aaron pen the Jay and Silent Bob v. Bill and Ted crossover event?  Which…

#ThrowbackThursday: – Night of the Living Dead (1968)

George R. Romero had an idea.  Back in the 1960s, without the help of a major movie studio, George decided to go out alone and shoot his idea.  Looking back, it’s hard to deny that Night of the Living Dead is wihtout a doubt not only one of the best and most influential horror movies of…

A Pretty, Little, Old School Ghost Story

This October, Netflix will launch a good old fashioned ghost movie called I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House.  The film is about a young woman who is hired to be a live in nurse for an ailing horror writer. At first glance, the trailer looks creepy and suspenseful.  Just the right mix…

Favourite Horror Theme Music

A good horror movie or TV show doesn’t always require gory scenes and violence to hold my attention.  What they do need is a great score and solid music to set the tone and the atmosphere. Here are my top picks for best music in the horror genre.