Episode 98: Remembering Stan Lee

This week, the geeks take a look back at the legacy of Stan The Man Lee, the man who stirred the imaginations of millions with his creations at Marvel Comics.

PSA: Get “Galactic Civilizations 1: Ultimate Edition” for free

This week Humble Bundle is offering the Humble Intergalactic Bundle which supports the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, and DirectRelief.  As an added bonus, anyone with a Humble Bundle account can pick up “Galactic Civilizations 1: Ultimate Edition” for free.

#ThrowbackThursday: Adventure Game Roundup Volume 1

It’s been swell seeing the adventure game genre make a strong comeback.  Telltale Games’ boasts a rather impressive library of titles right now, including Batman, Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Even old favourites are getting the reboot treatment!  So today, let’s pay homage to some of the titles of yesterday that perhaps inspired…

Marvel explores Phase 3 in featurette

After teasing the featurette last week, Marvel has released the full seven-minute Phase 3 featurette that is included on the upcoming “Doctor Strange” home release.

#TBT World War Hulk

The Hulk. There are few images in pop culture as iconic as Marvel’s Green Goliath. He represents the ultimate catharsis – every repressed, violent impulse given form, freedom, and ennobled; although the Hulk seems like a mindless, destructive brute, he is, by turns, breaking free of would-be oppressors like General Ross, avenging (so punny….) someone…