Magic Monday: Standard May Experience Some Slight Turbulence then…Explode

It’s been a bonkers couple of weeks for MTG with the dominance of the Aetherworks Marvel archetype in Standard getting attention in many Geekly circles. Devon, Mark and Stew deconstructed the Aetherworks phenomenon and muse about the role of the WotC’s new R&D team. Szpirs is surprised by spoilers for Commander 2017! It’s a gorram…

Magic Monday: Command Decisions

Wherein Szpirs reads the MTGO Tumblr and promptly looses his mind. Mark, Stew, and Devon try to talk him down from the edge. Changes to the EDH/Commander format are mulled over and speculation about its future in casual and competitive MTG ensues. Will we see a Commander Grand Prix? Friday Night Commander? Much better ideas…

Magic Monday: Taking Command

Wherein Szpirs gets Commander cards in the mail and, obviously, has no idea what to do with them. Stew promptly schools him with some Commander brew ideas and strategies. Help Stew help Szpirs understand Commander in the comments! Allons y!

Magic…Friday? Top 10 Commander Cards

Herein Stew teaches me about the 10 cards every Commander deck should have…and in a format where you can (generally) use each card only once, that’s saying something. Count ’em down with us, Geeks, and let us know what we missed in the comments.

Magic Mondays: Day One

Hey Magic Geeks, This week, Stew shares his thoughts on what new players need when starting to play at a Local Comic Shop (LCS). Wierd combos, tales of humiliation, and more await! 

Magic Mondays: Stew Explains Commander

I’ve been out of the MTG loop for a while but the new Kaladesh set has me back in a big way. I checked out just after Time Spiral (How you so old, Szpirs? Shut up, Szpirs?) so a lot has changed, including the play formats. I keep hearing about this new style of play called “Commander”. I asked our resident (possibly) MTG expert, Stew to explain it.