Magic Monday: Standard May Experience Some Slight Turbulence then…Explode

It’s been a bonkers couple of weeks for MTG with the dominance of the Aetherworks Marvel archetype in Standard getting attention in many Geekly circles. Devon, Mark and Stew deconstructed the Aetherworks phenomenon and muse about the role of the WotC’s new R&D team. Szpirs is surprised by spoilers for Commander 2017! It’s a gorram…

Magic Monday: Super Fast Amonkhet Set Reivew Go!

Hey Geeks! No time to talk – Szpirs, Stew, Devon and Mark are reviewing Amonkhet as quickly as they can! GO! Devon: Hey Szpirs. How’s… Szpirs: No time! Amonkhet has been in Standard for almost a week! We need to review it!

Magic Monday: Ain’t No Party Like a Prerelease Party

Yeeeeeeeeee-haw, Geeks! Amonkhet has landed and it is awesome! Join Szpirs, Devon, Stew, Mike, and Mark as we recount the horrors and splendours of prerelease weekend and share our takes on the new set so far. Plus, a game of Commander goes horribly right! Stew and Devon take a deep dive into WotC’s update to…

Magic Monday: Amonkhetch ‘Em All

There’s been a week-long spoiler party for the upcoming MTG expansion, Amonkhet, and alla y’all invited. Mark, Devon, and Szpirs chew over the latest spoilers and the HUGE NEWS about what this set means for Standard – and the top tier decks that own it.

Magic Monday (ish): $econdary Market$

Stew is getting up on his soapbox about some weird price jumps in the secondary market. Hot topics and irreverence abound in this week’s Magic Monday. Plus Martin Shkreli? What?

Magic Monday: ..Where Everybody Plays Your Game

Hey Magic Geeks, I sat down with Stew to talk about what makes a good Local Comic Shop (LCS) for Magic players. Szpirs: Did you play this weekend? Stew: I missed this weekend, but will be in next weekend. I did, however, get a chance to play several co-workers last week. Szpirs: Nice. At their…

Magic Mondays: Stew Explains Commander

I’ve been out of the MTG loop for a while but the new Kaladesh set has me back in a big way. I checked out just after Time Spiral (How you so old, Szpirs? Shut up, Szpirs?) so a lot has changed, including the play formats. I keep hearing about this new style of play called “Commander”. I asked our resident (possibly) MTG expert, Stew to explain it.